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that put women leaders in the driver's seat. You’ve had just enough business success to know you want more. A lot more. Well we’re here to show you how you don’t need any more hours in a day to scale your business. Nothing is more exciting than seeing you step into your role as the leader of your company as you build the systems, processes, and teams to make it all happen. Let's do this.
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Being Superwoman Isn’t The Key to Building an Empire:
Join us as we walk you through the 5 Simple Steps To Scaling Success. (Spoiler alert: you’re already working hard enough!) This is for you if you’re looking for a proven and highly scalable business model that will get you to the next level.
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The world needs you
Despite all those vanilla ice cream people telling you to be “more realistic” about your goals, you haven’t slowed down one bit. But the thing is, working harder is not the answer for someone like you. You work seriously hard and deserve that NEXT LEVEL big win. The real next step is a strategic approach to get more out of those hours! If you’re done trading hours for dollars and ready to really scale, join us.
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Oh, hey there! We’re Kate & Amanda
We're OBSESSED with channeling all of that skill, determination, and ambition you have into one focused, SYSTEM-driven business that puts you smack dab on the fastest growing woman-owned business list.
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A Powerful Community

The Ambitious Women Association provided me with the community to explore a new business idea. The constructive feedback was an important step in refining and improving my outcomes!

-Kim C.


More Money

After one session with Kate & Amanda, I used their tips and instantly started making an extra $9,000 a year.

-Heather K.


The Career I Truly Want

Kate and Amanda have inspired me to create the career I truly want. Since working with them I've learned to stop settling for mediocrity -- I'm not longer afraid to think big and help change the world!

-Allison G.